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Accredited Practising Dietitian

About the Eat Smart Dietitians

Accredited Dietitians Brisbane & Gold Coast

See below for more about the Eat Smart Dietitians:
Kerry Leech, Lauren James (née Nugent), Kellie Hogan, Amelia Webster, Joseph Spelta, Rebecca Disher (née Evans), Peita Hynes, Casey James, Steff Ford, and Holly Ranson.

Kerry Leech B.Sc., Grad.Dip.Dietetics, APD
Accredited Practising Dietitian & Advanced Sports Dietitian

Kerry Leech Advanced Sport Dietitian

Hi I am Kerry Leech. I have been a dietitian for 15 years, after graduating I first gained a broad clinical experience in various hospitals.
For the last 12 years I have been working with Holly Frail in what is now Eat Smart Nutrition Consultants where I have widened my experience in dietetics even further.

My interest in food and nutrition, especially in the sporting area started as an aspiring elite netball player at the Australian Institute of Sport. Despite not reaching my goals in netball I have found my niche helping people, including athletes, to reach their goals with a healthy diet. I have now been working with the Australian Netball team for the past 10 years.

As well as my experience in private practice treating a wide variety of clinical conditions, during the past four years I have been the Nutrition Coordinator for the Qld Academy of Sport. At the QAS I also consult with the swimming, softball and women's football teams as well as a wide variety of individual athletes. I also consult with the AIS Squash unit that is based in Brisbane, and am also an active member of Sports Dietitians Australia.

I also regularly lecture to athletes, coaches and the general public on both nutrition for a healthy lifestyle and sports nutrition. I am also a regular lecturer at the Qld Dental School to dentists and oral hygienists on providing nutrition information to their clients.

As I now have three children I have an interest in helping all members of families to eat well and stay sane at the same time. I find I stay fit and healthy by including regular social sport into my weekly schedule with netball, basketball and tennis being my main fixtures.

Finally, my passion is food and cooking and I love to find ways to make food a healthy and tasty part of everyday living.

KERRY's Speciality Practice Areas:
Clinical - weight management, over 50’s - menopause, difficult weight management, IBS, eating issues.
Sports - Adolescent athletes - body composition management, Female athletes, Swimming, Netball, Football of all codes, Power Sports.

Lauren James (née Nugent) B. Hlth Sci (Nut & Diet) (Hons.), APD
Accredited Practising Dietitian &  Advanced Sports Dietitian

Lauren James (née Nugent) Accredited Dietitian

Lauren James (née Nugent) has been a dietitian for over 9 years, working in both clinical dietetics and sports nutrition. She started work in Private Practice and in Hospitals and Nursing Homes. She later took on work in a psychology practice to further her knowledge of the psychological impact of food and nutrition. Lauren joined Eat Smart Nutrition Consultants in 2005 to further her passion for sports nutrition and private practice.

Lauren consults on all general dietetic issues such as weight loss or gain, diabetes, cholesterol and lifestyle modification. She specializes in sports nutrition, gastrointestinal disorders and eating disorder patients.

Lauren currently consults to the Australian Institute of Sport as the Sports Dietitian for Squash, is a nutrition service provider for the QLD Academy of Sport Golf and Athletics programs, consults to the Brisbane Broncos Under 20's and Elite Player Development program and is the Sports Dietitian for the Women's Roar Football squad. Within Eat Smart Lauren facilitates the Eat Smart in Schools program for Adolescent Athletes. The program started in 2006 to assist junior athletes to excel in their chosen sport. We have combined our knowledge and skills in elite athletes for use in the junior athlete. It is an exciting project and Lauren thoroughly enjoys consulting to school Rugby, Rowing, Soccer, Golf, Dance, Tennis, Volleyball and Netball squads.

Lauren is a regular presenter to corporate groups, athletes, coaches and the general public on a variety of nutrition topics. Lauren enjoys making presentations interactive and fun to ensure all participants go home learning something useful!

On a personal note, Lauren likes to keep active by running and going to the gym as well as doing Pilates and yoga! In fact, the more variety the better! Exercise is essential for Lauren to relax, recharge and de-stress.

Lauren loves to travel and particularly enjoys cuisines from other countries. She has a passion for all things food, wine and cooking – hence her career choice!

LAUREN's Speciality Practice Areas:

Clinical- Gastrointestinal health including IBS, constipation, bowel surgery, inflammatory bowel diseases; Eating Disorders and Mental Health.

Sports- Female individual and team sport athletes; Water Polo, hockey, Football and Aesthetic sports such as Gymnastics, dance; Athletes with disordered eating.<

Kellie Hogan B. Hlth Sci (Nut & Diet) (Hons), APD
Accredited Practising Dietitian & Advanced Sports Dietitian

Kellie Hogan Accredited Dietitian

Kellie Hogan from Kellie Hogan & Associates Nutrition and Dietetic Services has recently joined forces with Eat Smart Nutrition Consultants to form a new and exciting venture, Eat Smart Nutrition Consultants Gold Coast.  Kellie is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian (APD) and has been consulting at a range of locations on the Gold Coast since 2000.

In addition to her clinical work in private practice, her additional skills as an Accredited Sports Dietitian, sees her maintain a range of sports nutrition consultancies across South East Qld including; the Gold Coast Titans Rugby League team, the Australian Rugby Union’s (ARU) Qld Academy program and the Qld Academy of Sport’s  (QAS) Hockey and Cycling programs and Cycling Australia’s high performance BMX program. Kellie also enjoys lecturing to a vast array of sporting organizations such as the PGA, numerous sporting groups, clubs and schools. Kellie also works for Nutrition Australia Qld (NAQ) in Brisbane as the Senior program manager of Food Smart Schools. Kellie is passionate about advancing the profession of Sports Dietetics and as such, has been an active member of the board of Sports Dieitians Australia (SDA) since 2000 and has held the position of SDA President since 2010.

KELLIE's Speciality Practice Areas:
Weight loss, malnutrition, Cancer, Pregnancy, Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Osteoporosis
Sports- Junior and Senior Male and Female Team Sports -  Rugby League and Rugby Union, Soccer, netball, basketball Hockey and individual sports including Cycling, Triathlon, Swimming.

Amelia Webster B. Hlth Sci (Nut & Diet), APD
B App Sci (HMS)
Accredited Practising Dietitian & Sports Dietitian

Amelia Webster Accredited Dietitian

In 2011 Kellie welcomed Accredited Practicing Dietitian Amelia Webster to her Gold Coast Practice. Amelia joined the practice after working in clinical, private practice and community nutrition settings in Brisbane for several years. Amelia also has a degree in Human Movement studies and has completed further study in order to become an Accredited Sports Dietitian.  Amelia also works at Nutrition Australia Qld (NAQ) as part of their Food Smart Schools Program and since 2010, has played an integral role in NAQ’s “Healthy Clubs Qld Initiative” which has seen her work with many sporting clubs including parents, managers, coaches and players sharing her passion for ensuring that healthy eating messages and sport go hand in hand.

Joseph Spelta B. Hlth Sci.(Nut & Diet), APD
Accredited Practising Dietitian & Sports Dietitian
B App Sci (HMS), AEP
Accredited Exercise Physiologist

Joseph Spelta Accredited Dietitian

Joseph has a very keen interest in everything Health and Fitness, having started in the fitness industry, as a group fitness instructor and Personal trainer over 10 years ago. His studies in Nutrition and Dietetics and Human Movement Studies, and dual accredititations as a Dietitian and Exercise Physiologist, have put him in an excellent position to counsel anyone who wants to improve their health and performance via nutrition and exercise.

Joseph has a special interest in Men's Health; Cardio Vascular Disease and Weight Management. On top of his Sports Dietitian roles with Eat Smart and Queensland Academy of Sports, he is also Director of Protocol Fitness and is responsible for

program design, personal training and Pilates classes.
" I love seeing the changes in clients from a healthy eating plan and appropriate training".

Joseph works in Eat Smart and currently work in the Capalaba, & Macgregor clinics. Eat Smart's expertise in sports nutrition certainly aligns with his belief and passion for this specialty area.

He has have a wide sporting background, recently has completed "Tough Mudder" and a few other adventure/endurance events. You will still find him hitting the gym for a grueling session and enjoy outdoor adventure training!

"With every client I always try to:

  1. Empower change within individuals to create healthy lifestyle choices.
  2. Provide the challenges and motivation to push clients to their potential".

JOSEPH's Speciality Practice Areas:
Weight loss; Newly diagnosed and long term Type 2 diabetes; Cardiovascular Disease (Hypertension and Cholesterol control); Men's Health, Mental Health;  Osteoporosis.
Sports- Body Composition manipulation (Muscle building and fat loss); adolescent swimmers.

Rebecca Disher (née Evans) B. Hlth Sci (Nut & Diet) (Hons), APD
Accredited Practising Dietitian & Sports Dietitian
B App Sci (HMS) (Hons)

Rebecca Disher (née Evans) Accredited Dietitian

With a double degree in Dietitics and Human Movements, Bec has been working in the health and fitness industry for over 10 years, both as a personal trainer and a nutritionist for sports teams such as State League netball and soccer teams.   Bec specialises in weight loss/management, chronic diseases such as diabetes management, Cardiovascular, kidney disease and respiratory conditions with a strong area of interest in sports nutrition as well.

Bec has represented Australia in Australian U/21 Netball Team and State teams in athletics, softball and swimming.  Working as a personal trainer and boxing coach Bec has developed a keen interest in hydration and recovery techniques.  She’s also had a lot of experience working with clients in setting and achieving goals, developing healthy eating plans, and working towards creating a healthy lifestyle with her clients.

Bec has also developed and implemented weight loss and pre-natal programs that have focused on both nutrition and exercise components.  She also has experience in delivering education sessions on many topics to a variety of age groups.  In particular working with clients to educate them on how to read food labels, how to maximise training with nutrition and Healthy eating.

Bec works hard and trains hard to be able to give her clients the best.  Bec’s passion is running but enjoys mixing things up with cycling, swimming, boxing and plyometric training on a regular basis.
Her motivation to help others achieve their goals and their ability to live the healthiest and best life possible is what inspires her be a part of the Eat Smart Team.

BEC's Speciality Practice Areas:

Clinical- Paediatrics; Weight Loss; Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus (T2DM); Type 1 Diabetes (Paed and Adults).
Sports- Child and Adolescent (all sports and athletes under 16).
Adults - Endurance (Cycling, Half and Ironman triathletes, ultra marathon, open water swimmers etc).  Water Based Sports: swimmers, kayak, canoe.  And diasability/physical impairment athletes.

Peita Hynes B. Nutr Sci (Nutr and Diet) (Hons), APD
Accredited Practising Dietitian
B App Sci (HMS) (Hons)

Peita Hynes - Accredited Dietitian

Peita has over 12 years’ experience in the health industry, having started her career as an exercise physiologist with UQ Sport. She has been a practicing dietitian for over 10 years, working with a range of clients from new mothers to professional athletes.

Peita specialises in weight management and sports nutrition and has worked in a variety of settings including Queensland Health, corporate health, private practice and the Queensland Academy of Sport. She was appointed by the Brisbane Lions Football Club to work as the team’s consultant Sports Dietitian from 2010-2013.  As an accredited Sports Dietitian, Peita has worked with a variety of sports-focused clients, from weekend warriors to elite athletes in sports such as water polo, track and field, AFL and swimming.

Her passion for health means she also practices what she preaches – both in the kitchen and on the sporting field. Peita herself is a keen and competitive runner, having completed 18 half marathons and two marathons. She has a particular interest in endurance sports and knows first-hand how important the right nutrition plan is.

As a mum to a three-year old daughter and one-year old son, Peita uses her professional expertise and personal insight to support women in maintaining a balanced diet and healthy weight both during and after pregnancy. She is a proud advocate of women’s health.

Peita believes the key to health and weight maintenance is an active lifestyle complemented by a balanced nutritional approach. She says: “There is nothing wrong with enjoying good food; this is a normal part of life. The key is to do this in moderation and to understand your balance.”

PEITA's Speciality Practice Areas:
Clinical- Obstetrics, Gestational diabetes, type  2 diabetes, PCOS, weight management, chronic disease management, eating disorders
Sports- Endurance sports, individual runners, triathletes, ironman athletes,  AFL, adolescent athletes.

Casey James B. Hlth Sci  M. (Nut & Diet), APD
Accredited Practising Dietitian & Sports Dietitian

Casey James Accredited Dietitian

Casey graduated from a Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics on the Gold Coast in 2011 and has been practicing here ever since. She has further training in sports nutrition and the non-diet approach, a paradigm where the focus is on listening to the body's cues and enjoyment of food. Casey also has a decade of experience in the health industry including pharmacy and supplements. Her wide range of experience gives her the skills to tailor solutions as unique as the individuals that seek them.

Casey is a foodie with a passion for helping people rediscover the joy of nourishing the body and mind for health as well as happiness. Casey loves to run and swim, always outdoors and not for competition, just for the pure joy. She has played many sports over the years, including rugby union, touch football, Oz-tag, tennis, netball, basketball, swimming, surfing, and dancing. Casey knows movement in any form is essential for good health and can alter nutritional needs.

Casey feels privileged to provide real nutrition support to real world people

Speciality Practice Areas:
Clinical - Diabetes type 1 and 2, bowel disorderes, food intolerances, mental health, cancer, women's health and pregnancy
Sports - team sports- netball, rugby league, soccer, AFL, hockey
individual athletes- running, swimming, cycling, tennis, surfing

Steff Ford B. Hlth Sci  M. (Nut & Diet), APD
Accredited Practising Dietitian & Sports Dietitian

Steff Ford Accredited Dietitian

Steff is a Dietitian, Sports Dietitian and most importantly a food lover!  Steff loves creating delicious meals, and trying new recipes is one of her favourite past times.

Steff joins the Eat Smart Nutrition Team having completed her Masters of Nutrition and Dietetics Practice at Bond University. During this time, she gained domestic and international experience in a wide range of nutritional issues such as weight management, oncology, chronic disease management, gastrointestinal disorders and sports nutrition.

Steff’s specialist area lies within weight management and body composition. Steff works with individuals who have a range of different body composition goals including: gaining lean muscle mass, decreasing body fat, improving body composition for sports performance, or even just understanding nutrition so they can fuel their body with healthy foods. Steff knows there is no one size fits all approach, and tailors programs to each individual to find what works for them. Steff does not aim to restrict a diet, but educate on the best choices for your body composition goals and weight management.

Steff has a strong background in team sports, having been the dietitian with Queensland cricket on the development program for the past season. Through this experience, Steff understands that tailored nutrition strategies are the most effective in performance and recovery for team and individual sports.

Speciality Practice Areas:
Clinical - Adolescent & Adults -Weight loss & Weight Gain, Disordered eating, T1 & T2 Diabetes, heart disease.
Sports - Male & Female Team based sports- cricket, netball, crossfit and rowing.

Holly Ranson  B. Hlth Sci  M. (Nut & Diet), APD
Accredited Practising Dietitian & Sports Dietitian

Holly Ranson Accredited Dietitian

Holly has recently completed a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietetics at Griffith University, Gold Coast. She has completed the Sports Dietitians Australian nutrition in sport and exercise short course and is an SDA member. She is also trained in the Non-Diet Approach to weight management. Holly has been sharing her passion for healthy lifestyles with others for many years, through personal training, group exercise instructing and aqua fitness instructing.

Holly enjoys giving presentations to sports clubs and exercise enthusiasts from amateur to elite level. She loves teaching practical skills that help people enjoy healthy food and exercise as part of their daily routine, passing on her love of food and encouraging people to enjoy a wide variety of foods in moderation.

Outside of work Holly is currently a national level road cyclist and an ex-professional long course triathlete. She has run marathons and ultra-marathons. Before turning to endurance sports Holly was an elite youth sailor in the women’s single-handed dinghy, the Laser Radial. In her spare time likes to drink coffee whilst wearing lycra and cook enormous amounts of food for her cycling teammates.

Holly is excited to join the Eat Smart Nutrition team and looks forward to welcoming old and new clients at the Nundah and Kenmore clinics.

Speciality Practice Areas:

Clinical - 

Sports - Long Distance and Endurance

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